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Completed Projects

Our involvement extends to all levels… of an organisation, interacting with and involving all employees to ensure that improved performance is not merely management led, but that every stakeholder has their part to play.

Our people development programmes… demonstrate how this can be achieved both in principle and in practice. Below are some examples of recently completed Advantage42 projects:
  • We recently helped a mid-market manufacturing company review its strategic priorities in light of the economic downturn and realign its business accordingly. Through the implementation and delivery of people-led solutions we reduced operating costs by 15%, whilst increasing output by 8%. It is important to note that this improved performance was achieved without any need for redundancies.

  • Within the media sector, we were tasked with delivering an immediate and strategic overhaul of a niche media company in order to optimise its performance in the difficult media markets. Over a three-month engagement period our project managers worked with management to implement streamlined and restructured product lines, whilst re-engaging and re-energising the workforce through our people development programs. As a result, operating costs were reduced by circ. 15%, sales increased by 18%, overall revenue increased by 24% and staff turnover fell by over 60%.

  • Advantage42 also developed a new multi-media platform for a European publishing house. Entering the project at development stage, our project managers worked with web designers and the editorial team, which involved leading the R&D effort and advising senior management on the look and feel of the platform, as well as its positioning for market launch.

  • We produced and implemented a strategic development plan for a UK-based Creative Arts Portal. Working with the company pre-launch, our project managers redeveloped the site’s consumer focus in order to position it for better market visibility and profitability. We also advised on and delivered technical advice to ensure the continued expansion of the portal and subsequent growth of the business.

  • Having provided detailed market analysis and developed an in-depth business response our project managers are currently in the process of delivering an improved procurement, supply chain management and quality assurance package for a mid-market UK retailer. We anticipate that our solutions will reduce costs by as much as 20% in the first three months after implementation.
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